Associates Corner: Endicott Research Group, Inc.

Endicott Research Group, Inc. (ERG) provides power solutions for backlight displays, general lighting application ns, and LED retrofit opportunities. Products from ERG provide the power behind many of the illuminated products you see every day: the display at the gas pump may have an ERG inverter powering the light that illuminates it; ERG’s LED driver may be powering the sign of a local business; or your under-cabinet kitchen lighting may be powered by a dimmable ERG Lighting LED driver.

ERG began developing DC-DC converters in 1979 to power neon displays. That all changed when General Motors was in need of a high-quality EL lamp to power the coach lamp in its “top-of-the-line” showroom cars. An exclusive relationship between GM and ERG became the cornerstone for growth into other substantial markets such as medical displays, point-of-sale, and defense. ERG continues to design and manufacture standard and custom solutions for CCFL and LED displays as well as DC-DC and EL applications.

In response to the recent explosion of LED technology in the general lighting markets, ERG created a division called ERG Lighting which is dedicated to applying expertise in LED driver solutions to general lighting applications such as street lights, refrigeration lighting, troffers, showcase, and downlights. ERG Lighting has also developed its own line of made-in-the-USA LED troffer retrofit kits for both commercial and residential lighting. They also offer contract manufacturing services that provide customers with leading-edge manufacturing processes. ERG prides itself on the ability to respond to changes in technology with innovative and cost-effective solutions for their customers.

ERG ships products around the world, but they are proudly engineered and built in the Endicott, NY facility which has served as headquarters for over 35 years. For more information about ERG or ERG Lighting, visit the websites at and, or contact Nate Burd at 607-754-9187 (