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Comprehensive Solutions for Manufacturers:
Improve all Aspects of your Business

U.S. manufacturing is the cornerstone of our economy, but local manufacturers face many challenges in today’s competitive environment. Between increased foreign competition and rising production costs, American manufacturers must find ways to constantly improve and grow.

If you are a manufacturer, you want to overcome your obstacles and boost your profits. However, there are only so many resources to go around. How are you supposed to improve your organization while carrying out your daily tasks?

Your Improvement Partner

AM&T is a local resource that serves as your extended staff. We are dedicated to making you more productive, profitable and globally competitive…all with respect to your available resources. Our comprehensive solutions aren’t a quick fix for your problems; we are committed to transforming your organization for the long-term.

So what do we mean when we say that we “improve all aspects of your business?” We focus on improving both your bottom-line and your top-line. In simpler terms, we reduce the negative aspects of your business (eliminate waste, combat production costs, decrease inefficiencies, etc.) while growing the positives (improving production capabilities, expanding your customer base, increasing sales, etc.).

We will hellp you think strategically about your desired future state, help align your goals, strategies and resources, and help you build commitment and implement successfully.

All businesses are unique, and so is our approach. While many of our programs and services are proven to help manufacturers, all of our work is customized to address the specific challenges of our clients. AM&T’s experts guide you through the following stages:

  • Analyze - We don’t just offer “cookie-cutter” solutions. In order to provide an effective solution, we must first understand your needs. AM&T starts by conducting a Business Assessment. We work with you to gauge the current state of your business using a series of diagnostic tools, including benchmarking. This process identifies current strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Plan AM&T then develops a Strategic Plan, which outlines the necessary steps to reach your desired goals. We will help you verify where you want to be, identify specific areas for growth and create the plan required to accomplish your objectives. We will also help you develop a Performance Management System to monitor progress.

  • Execute ­– It’s action time. Our experts will help train your workforce on the improvement methodologies needed for you to prosper and grow. We will provide you with all of the tools and support you need for project implementation.

  • Sustain – The whole point of improvement is to achieve results in the long run, so our work doesn’t end when training is over. We will help you create a workforce that sustains improvements by participating in process reviews, audits and performance monitoring. When needed, we’ll help you make required adjustments and provide any additional training to reinforce improvement.

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