Lean Enterprise

A strategy and mindset focusing on the fundamentals of Speed, Cost & Quality. By adopting Lean practices, manufacturers can provide their customers with:

  • What the customer wants
  • When the customer wants it
  • With zero defects
  • At minimal cost

Create a System that Improves Profit Margins & Growth

Organizations sometime associate Lean with “cutting,” so let’s set the record straight. Lean isn’t about axing all of your costs and firing workers for the sake of reducing expenses. Every manufacturer has necessary costs to conduct business and grow.

A Lean Enterprise is effective because it eliminates your unnecessary costs and operations. Lean targets all of the resources that aren’t ultimately adding value to your consumers. By becoming more Lean, you’re increasing efficiencies to better serve your customers. You're also increasing your capacity to ship more and serve more customers, fueling company growth.

Why AM&T?

AM&T has been a leader in helping manufacturers make Lean transformations. Our highly-skilled team of experts have many years of industry experience combined with extensive consulting, training and coaching experience. Our hands-on approach will ensure your long-term success. We use a “train and do” methodology: classroom training followed by implementation of the tools and concepts. Creating a Lean Enterprise involves buy-in from your team so that employees understand the importance of Lean and become a part of the improvement process.

AM&T’s Lean experts will work with you to make Lean a standard part of your company’s culture, and across your whole value stream. From the production floor to the front office, productivity will be improved across all parts of your organization.

Results and Local Successes

AM&T’s Lean Enterprise Program leads to:

  • Productivity increases up to 30%
  • Defects reduced by more than 20%
  • Lead times reduced more than 70%
  • On-time delivery improved to nearly 100%
  • Inventory reductions of more than 75%
  • Positive cash flow
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Lean Enterprise Programs

  • Principles of Lean Thinking
  • Value Stream Mapping 
  • 5S System: Workplace Organization 
  • Lean Office
  • Cellular Flow Manufacturing 
  • Pull/Kanban Systems
  • Mistake Proofing
  • And many more...

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