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Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology

Kaizen Facilitator Training

Description: Kaizen events are the vehicle to implement Lean tools and concepts. The Kaizen Facilitator Training course teaches a standard kaizen process that can be used to implement Lean tools.

Objectives / Topics:
•    Preparing for a Kaizen event.
•    Standard process for a 3-5 day Kaizen event.
o    Training.
o    Observe current process.
o    List wastes.
o    Set goals.
o    Brainstorm countermeasures.
o    Try-storm improvements.
o    Restart line and measure results.
o    Standardize improvements.
o    Develop report.
o    Present results.
o    Follow-through actions.
•    Forms and tools for quickly collecting and analyzing data.
•    Preparing a final report for management.
•    Estimating the effect of the event.

Prerequisites: Principles of Lean Manufacturing with Live Simulation or equivalent.

Goals: Participants will learn to facilitate a kaizen event, including preparation, standard process, forms and tools, and preparing and presenting results to management.

Suggested Participants: Production and support personnel who will be responsible for leading Kaizen events.

Class Size: Up to 20.

Program Length: 1 Day.