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Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology

Lean Office / Administrative

Description: Participants will learn and apply Lean Office principles to the company’s information flow.

This course has two parts: a one-day introduction and a six-day in-depth program.

The class will begin with a review of the eight basic wastes in the context of non-production processes.  In addition, a brief review of the various flow concepts is provided to develop a necessary foundation.  Then a company process-by-process review is conducted and the means by which to apply flow concepts are explored.  The processes covered include, but are not limited to: Order Entry, New Product Design, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Invoicing, Scheduling, and Production Control.

A map of the company’s current state is developed and serves as a basis for redesigning the various business processes.  A future state map is then developed that serves as a "what can be" vision.

Prerequisites: Principles of Lean Manufacturing with Live Simulation or equivalent

Goals: Participants will experience the benefits of implementing Lean Office. The class will apply  concepts and principles, which can result in, flexibility and responsiveness, reduction of lead time, reduced errors and extra processing, improved utilization of personnel, and reduced transactions.

Suggested Participants: Production and Support Personnel from Sales, Customer Service, Materials Management and Purchasing, Engineering, Scheduling, and Production.

Class Size: 15, minimum of 8.