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Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology

Pull / Kanban Systems

Description: Participants will learn Pull / Kanban Systems, and will apply its principles to a specified area in the company.

This course has two parts: a one-day introduction and a three- to five-day in-depth program.

This class defines a six-step method to implement Pull/Kanban Material Systems. Attendees will see the concepts in practice in repetitive, non-repetitive and seasonal demand applications. They will learn to set up point-of-use material storage, interface pull systems with existing planning systems, and set lot sizes based on capacity, not economic order quantity theory.

Prerequisites: Principles of Lean Manufacturing with Live Simulation or equivalent / Introduction to Pull/Kanban Systems.

Goals: Participants will see the benefits of Pull/Kanban systems, which include: simplified processes, fewer stock-outs, less inventory, lower space requirements, higher productivity and greater flexibility.

Suggested Participants: Production and Production Support personnel from Materials Management and Purchasing, Scheduling.

Class Size: 20, minimum of 8.