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Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Description: Participants will learn Total Productive Maintenance, and will apply the principles to a piece of equipment in the company.

TPM goes far beyond traditional maintenance boundaries to attack equipment-related waste, including: downtime, speed losses, defects, constant adjustments and breakdowns.

This course has two parts: a one-day introduction and a three-day in-depth program. This class learns how to maintain machines and equipment at peak productivity, including how to measure and increase equipment effectiveness and how TPM can help avoid production interruptions. The course also provides an understanding of the seven steps of autonomous maintenance.

Prerequisites: Principles of Lean Manufacturing with Live Simulation or equivalent / Introduction to Total Productive Maintenance.

Goals: Participants will see the benefits of implementing TPM, how it increases equipment effectiveness and prevents production interruptions.

Suggested Participants: Production and Production Support Personnel (Engineering, Maintenance, Set-up Operators).
Class Size: 20. minimum of 8