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Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology


The Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology adapts our programs and skills to your unique situation, always in the context of your company, your people and your operation. Our custom solutions help you sustain lasting improvements:


We provide an objective, two- to five-day diagnostic review, examining critical business and manufacturing processes, company policies, structure, culture, key metrics and performance, to establish the “current state.”

Our process uses interviews, employee surveys, Performance Benchmarking, Transformation Planner, tours and observations to deliver a comprehensive report with findings and prioritized recommendations -- a road map for improvement.


We help decision makers and their teams understand their current state, articulate the future state, set a direction, develop plans to get there and establish metrics to monitor progress.

AM&T leads a process that:

  • Develops vision, mission and values
  • Examines SWOT, external environment, customers, suppliers and competition
  • Develops a scorecard of objectives, action plans and responsibilities
  • Helps establish goals and re-focus activities to meet them
  • Establishes a performance management system


AM&T Sales and Marketing services provide practical, hands-on assistance and training to help your team maximize sales and profit.

We'll help your team:

  • Develop a plan
  • Train them in basic sales skills
  • Teach them a seven-step sales process
  • Help them with customer and market development
  • Help manage and implement the plan


Lean is about eliminating waste, producing on demand, minimizing inventory, increasing productivity and on-time delivery, increasing capacity and reducing costs. And not just in manufacturing but in all business operations.

It works. AM&T’s Lean Enterprise Program leads to:

  • Productivity increases up to 30 percent
  • Defects reduced by 20 percent
  • Lead times reduced more than 70 percent
  • On-time delivery improved to nearly 100 percent
  • Inventory reductions of more than 75 percent

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ISO/AS Quality Management Systems can help you manage and improve your business operations, attract new customers, retain existing customers and compete in a global market.

ISO/AS certification is an internationally acknowledged accomplishment. It opens doors to potential customers that treat certification as a supplier requirement. It’s how you let your consumers know you comply with internationally regarded management practices.

AM&T helps you create ISO 9001:2008, and AS9100 compliant systems.

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