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Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology

New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation

NYSTAR will help identify potential funding sources for new initiatives. Call Matt Watson at 518-292-5729  for details on a partnership in:

Acoustic Sensing:

  • Microacoustic Sensors - Development of small-scale directional microphones with reduced power requirements.
  • Bioacoustics Detection, Classification, and Tracking - Development and analysis of acoustic information from biological sources: technology to track marine wildlife.

Advanced Systems and Software Development:

  • Model Based System Design with SystemC Virtual Prototypes.
  • Massively Parallel Radar Pulse Deinterleaving - Creating a simulation test bed for development of advanced, parallelized radar pulse processing algorithms.
  • RF Distributed Sensing for Target Detection, Tracking, and Imaging - Develop enhanced capabilities to perform target detection, tracking and imaging.

Materials and Thermal Management:

  • Modeling and Characterization Studies of Thermal Interface Materials - Combine empirical data and physics-based models to develop the next generation of optimized application specific thermal interface materials.
  • Self-Healing Composite Materials - Embedding capsules into polymer matrix facilitates self-healing, allowing materials to retain structural integrity after delaminating events.
  • Thermal Management - Develop a systems level thermal modeling and analysis tool.

Processes and Materials for Flexible Electronics:

  • Flexible Roll to Roll Electronics - Develop techniques for economic production of large panel assemblies of flexible electronics.
  • Characteristics of Low-Temperature Sintered Inks - Developing nanoparticle-based inks to enable inkjet fabrication of electronic devices
  • Economical, Efficient, and Stable Antireflective Coatings and Flexible Antenna Elements: High-K Dielectric Coatings - Advanced high-K dielectric and non-reflective coatings will make higher density RF-Digital mixed-signal circuits and multi-chip modules feasible.

Next Generation Hardware Devices:

  • Nanoelectronic Transmission Lines - Developing electrical and thermal interconnect structures for next-generation IC geometries
  • REAPER (Reconfigurable and Programmable Electronics Research Lab) - Reconfigurable analog circuits for rapid prototyping and development of low-power, high-performance RF signal processing solutions.
  • MEMS Filters - Demonstrate CMOS compatible RF filters with MEMS-based resonators.
  • High Performance Switching Using Optofluidics - Developing new devices for reconfigurable optical switching based on nanopartical liquid core waveguides. Electrically controlled switching of fiber optics.
  • Next Generation High Power GaN RF and Switching Transistors - In semiconductors for high-frequency microwave amplification and high-voltage switching applications.
  • 3D Hyper-Integration: Replacing PCBs with Integrated Circuits - Develop the capability to vertically stack and interconnect multiple materials, technologies and functional components to form highly integrated micro-nano-systems and integrated circuits.
  • Terahertz on Graphene and CMOS - Graphene-based materials and devices for ultra-high speed applications. Terahertz imaging for security and concealed weapons detection.