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Case Studies of AM&T's Work with Clients

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Our Clients Speak for Themselves:

"Through AM&T’s efforts, Buckingham Manufacturing was able to develop and implement an effective ISO 9001 quality management system, which produced significant improvements in our product yields and provided access to increased numbers of customers both domestically and overseas."

"AM&T has been (and still is) a valuable asset in helping C&D Assembly to overcome some major growing pains."

"Having them available has helped us to stay on track, keep ISO certified and continually improve our overall business by winning new contracts and keeping existing ones."

"AM&T has been a valuable resource in a variety of tasks over the last several years. Having them available has helped us to stay on track, become ISO certified and continually improve and expand our overall customer base and business."

"AM&T has been very helpful to Cameron Manufacturing & Design on a wide variety of tasks. ... They understand our business and can operate as an extended staff. As a result of their efforts, we feel that we have better control over the future."

"The program revitalized our company and positioned us as a true global competitor." -- Shawn Hartwell, COO, AudioSears

"I would highly recommend working with AM&T to any manufacturing operation looking to improve their productivity." -- Ian Morrell, President, Southerntier Custom Fabricators

“We were able to successfully ship to the customer almost five times as many of these units in one month. This was a fantastic way to close out the year!” -- Laurie Moore, production manager, Transonic Systems

"We have been involved with AM&T since 1995 and they never cease to amaze us with their level of knowledge and the resources they bring to the table. ... We have seen a dramatic decrease in our through-put time with as much as a 45-day reduction from time of order until the product is shipped. We are expecting a minimum of 10 percent reduction in the cost of our products."

"The AM&T team helped us realize the potential of a LEAN environment. They did a thorough analysis, worked well with our people, and the results speak for themselves."

"AM&T was a great resource in helping us set a much-needed direction and course of action for the company. ... Our probability of success has increased as a result."