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Transonic Systems

Ithaca, NY  www.transonic.com

Company Profile: Transonic Systems, Inc. makes fluid flow measurement devices. Its biomedical products measure and confirm liquid flow during surgery, post-surgery, hemodialysis and research application.

The company was founded in 1983 by Cornelis Drost, who invented the transit-time ultrasound flowmeter, and now employs 130 people in Ithaca.

Transonic sells its ultrasound transit-flowmeters, hemodialysis, laser Doppler perfusion and angioplasty monitors to surgeons, nephrologists, interventional radiologists, research scientists, and original equipment manufacturers throughout the world.

Situation: Transonic System's management attended a LEAN manufacturing seminar and realized the potential benefits of implementing it.

Solution: AM&T developed a customized Lean Enterprise training, partially funded by a New York State Department of Labor grant.

AM&T trained a key group of employees on the basics of Lean, and helped plan and manage implementation, including:

  • Principles of Lean Manufacturing with Live Simulation (Lean 101)
  • Lean for the Office
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5S System and Workplace Organization
  • Cellular Flow Manufacturing
  • Pull/Kanban Systems
  • Mistake Proofing


  • Kanban/Pull training reduced product cycle time 40 percent, to three days from five. It also reduced inventory, with a goal of saving 54 percent of inventory costs.
  • Reduced cycle times via Cellular training by 75 percent in one cell; reduced inventory 50 percent; and added four workstations by reclaiming misused space.
  • Mistake Proofing training increased first-pass yields for one particular product to 95 percent from 78 percent.
  • Stock room improvements reduced shelving needs 20 percent and kitting times 30 percent.
  • Increased sales.
  • Reduced lead time.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improved workforce morale.