AM&T and MEP
Proudly Serving U.S. Manufacturers since 1988

After 30 years, AM&T and MEP are still going strong, innovating and developing new programs and services to help manufacturers grow and succeed in the 21st century economy.


AM&T has been a leader in assisting local manufacturers in overcoming the challenges of today’s competitive economy. Our highly-skilled team of experts has many years of industry experience combined with extensive consulting, training and coaching experience. We are Business Advisors who have built a reputation for understanding and meeting manufacturers needs with expert solutions. We are a unique resource for manufacturers seeking to increase sales, streamline operations, achieve certifications, reduce costs, create jobs and prosper in the following counties:

  • Broome
  • Chemung
  • Chenango
  • Delaware
  • Schuyler
  • Steuben
  • Tioga
  • Tompkins

AM&T uses a comprehensive, holistic, improvement approach, considering all angles and all influences to create significant and long-lasting transformation improvements. While we can assist companies with individual improvement methodologies, our experience shows that dramatic change and growth are realized by the combination of several initiatives across the whole value chain.

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  • Assess their current state
  • Articulate and define their desired future state
  • Train their workforce in improvement methodologies
  • Implement process improvements across the whole value chain
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Achieve and sustain growth and breakaway results


A third-party survey for 2014-2018 reported impacts of:

  • 3,917 jobs created or retained
  • $551.4 million in increased or retained sales
  • $10.6 million in cost savings
  • $25.5 million in investments
  • $782.4 million total impact
  • 133:1 return on investment
  • 4.8 out of 5.0 Customer Satisfaction


  • Business Assessments
  • Strategic Planning
  • Lean Enterprise
  • Supervisory Training (TWI)
  • Project Management
  • ISO/AS Quality Systems
  • Sales and Marketing
  • New Opportunity Identification and Growth --Markets, Products, Services, Customers