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5S System: Workplace Organization

Description: Participants will apply the learned 5S principles to a specified area in the company. This class offers hands-on training in the basic 5S system (Sort, Set-in-Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain).
This course has two parts: a one-day introduction for all employees and a three-day in-depth program.
Participants will:
•    Learn to describe the difference in workplace appearance and functionality before and after the 5S process has been applied.
•    Be able to perform an in-depth audit of workplace organization and standardization.
•    Be able to organize a workplace by applying the concepts of sort, set-in order and shine.
•    Be able to standardize procedures to maintain and control an organized workplace using visual controls and be able to describe how 5S can help to improve workplace environmental health and safety.

Participants apply each 'S' to their factory and measure the results of their efforts.

Prerequisites: Principles of Lean Manufacturing with Live Simulation or equivalent and Introduction to 5S System: Workplace Organization./ Introduction to 5S

Goals: Participants will experience how the 5S system reduces waste and improves productivity and quality.

Suggested Participants: Production and Support Personnel representing a cross-section of the organization (Sales, Engineering, Scheduling, Purchasing, and Quality).

Class Size: Up to 20, minimum of 8.