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Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology

Set-up Reduction/Quick Changeover

Description: Participants will learn how to do Set-up Reduction / Quick Changeover, and the class will apply the principles to a piece of equipment in the company.

This course has two parts: a one-day introduction and a two- to five-day in-depth program. The class teaches the fundamentals of set-up reduction. Participants will discuss reasons and barriers to reducing set-up time. The course follows the principles first expressed by Dr. Shigeo Shingo and his work on Single Minute Exchange of Dies.

Participants learn the standard application to any type of set-up or industry. The techniques demonstrate how to reduce changeover time from hours to minutes and even seconds.

Prerequisites: Principles of Lean Manufacturing with Live Simulation or equivalent / Introduction to Quick Change Over/Set-up Reduction.

Goals: Participants will see the benefits of quick changeover/setup reduction: shorter lead time, less material, fewer defects, less inventory, lower space requirements, higher productivity and greater flexibility.

Suggested Participants: Production and Production Support Personnel (Engineering, Maintenance, Set-up Operators).

Class Size: 20, minimum of 8