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Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology

Solutions Fair - Southern Tier
October 18th
at Cornell University
Registration Deadline Friday, October 12th

Meet one-on-one with technology and
business experts who can help your company

Improve processes
Solve problems
Accelerate growth

What Is It?
This happens at a Solutions Fair, a series of free state-wide  workshops that match attendees with a broad range of technical, educational, and economic development resources - experts who can help identify and solve existing problems in your company.

How Does It Work?
The success of these events is built on a simple idea - eliminate the boring presentations and cut to the chase. As part of the event registration process, you will complete a brief questionnaire to identify one or more specific problems that need solutions.  The event organizers use these responses to match you in short, one-on-one meetings with several solution providers.  The discussions will focus on the pre-identified problems, enabling you to quickly assess the solutions available, and decide how and when to follow up.

How Should You Expect To Benefit?
Like most things, it depends on what you put into the process. First, you need to register in advance and describe your specific business or technical problems. Then come to the Fair ready to explore them at several of the resource tables. While we can't promise to have a path to solving every problem, the likelihood is high that you'll find one. Hundreds of companies have benefitted from relationships with the organizations below and other similar ones around the state.

To better understand the possibilities, scroll down
to see real examples of how companies have benefitted.

When: Thursday, October 18, 2012, 8:00am to 12:30pm
Where: G10 Biotech Building at Cornell University

What Resources Will Be There?

You will be able to work on both business and technology problems in discussions with representative of organizations such as: 

Cornell Center for Materials Research
Cornell Center for Technology Enterprise and Commercialization
Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility
Cornell Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences
Cornell Nanobiotechnology Center
Cornell Johnson School Consulting (BRC), legal counsel (BRL), and capital (BRV)
NanoMaterials Innovation Center
Binghamton Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging
Binghamton Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence and Industrial Outreach
Binghamton Integrated Electronics Engineering Center
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Center for Automation Technologies and Systems
Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems
Syracuse Tech Garden
Syracuse CNY Biotech Accelerator
Alliance for Manufacturing & Technology
Center for Economic Growth
Hudson Valley Technology Development Center
High Tech Rochester

Examples of What Happens as a Result of
Connections Made Among Solutions Fair Participants

  • Enabled company to develop an adaptive optics product line, and collaborate on motion control projects that imroved performance of other products.
  • Created process model that provided flour mill with ability to gain more control over processes and understanding of why minor changes had large impact to downstream product quality.
  • Establishing a training program to ensure a safe work environment and promote workers health while improving production productivity and reducing workers compensation costs.
  • Guided company through implementation of new quality management system that resulted in certification to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  • Researched and tested new approaches of dye preparation and encapsulation used in flexible display optical filters for military and commercial applications.
  • Led company through strategic planning process that resulted in re-structuring and a new growth direction.
  • Developed software applications for mobile devices including iPhone and Android.
  • Created process model for chemical company, enabling maximization of expensive material yeild through process controls and optimization.
  • Provided support that moved a project to a new level, bringing with it the likelihood of introducing a fully commercial product to the consumer home healthcare market.
  • Provided small company with talent and resources not normally available to an early stage start-up.
  • Addressed specialized testing and characterization needs of an established company in the filtration and separations industry; provided "...unending source of technology licensing opportunities..."
  • Improved company's credibility and likelihood of funding for further development of a medical diagnostic tool.
  • Generated and characterized nanotechnology coatings for thermal and electrical components.
  • Led owner-manager team through a succession planning process to resolve issues of personal vs. corporate priorities.
  • Helped automate the manufacturing, inspection and packaging of contact lenses in order to eliminate the inherent variability associated with manual processes, reduce costs, and improve quality control.
  • Developed “investment-ready” companies and connected them with appropriate funding opportunities – from seed to angel, VC, traditional and public finance.
  • Evaluated a facility affected by the 2011 flood to determine the re-building feasibility; optimized plant layout based on material and process flows, space, and equipment requirements.
  • Assisted with solving the problem of transfering fuel cell membrane technology from the laboratory bench to manufacturing production.